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Did you know that….

Diplo Pakistan

There’s a Diplo in Pakistan? Random fact of the day for ya people, now go on get back to whatever you were doing ;P

AAAAAAAAAAAAH! – Faith La Rocque

Warning This scared me a little...

Warning the picture in this post may shock and disturb you slighty…it certainly did me. If i were a kid i would get nightmares from the following image so maybe don’t open if there’s an impressionable mind in the room that can see the screen. (more…)

A month of music

I finally did it! Big up my chest, i am a Mac magician…ok maybe a bit slow and still in training, but magic non the less : NERD ALERT : I finally got my all my itunes libraries into itunes on the new Mac without putting them on the internal hard-drive, simple maybe, geeky yes but this is what has made me happy!! You see i’ve got 7 years of itunes music, from 4 different computors spread over 2 external hard-drives, which i’ve been using in the complete wrong way thanks to some dufus in the Regent St Apple store…genius desk my arse. I haven’t had access to one of the drives for so long i’ve been mostly listening to music downloaded within the past 12 months, which hasn’t been bad but something was lacking. Cutting long to the short i googled the best way to have all my music show up on my new mac’s itunes in 1 library from the 2 drives and it worked, IM A MAC MASTER recognize! I also now have at my fingertips 25.7 days of pure unadulterated music that will take me through the past 7 years of my life…thats some deep ish! Im gonna keep it on random for a month or so, lol, can’t wait for the memories, its the right time for inspiration.