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Not on our telly!!

Thai advert for an Opticians i do believe….lmao a yogurt bank! Actually throwing up now at thought of cold, smeg lodged in my throat :(

Tokyo Snaps – Monday

The worlds first!

Passed thru YoYo’s last night (I know I’m sad get over it!) to catch a friends set. Wasn’t gonna stay long but of course that didn’t happen, which was fun cause I met a whole heap of people and encountered a world first! Smokin outside the club Jamal, a tall ludacris lookalike in a safety pin clad leather jacket (dope!), introduced himself to me. Promoting his band True Ingredients and their debut album Prepare and Assemble he presented me with a gift, the worlds first album released on a pair of shades!!! Unfortunately there wasn’t a built in mp3 player on the specks, just a code on the arm which u can enter online for a free download…fortunately their not a bad pair of shades and I got to pick from a range of colours. Haven’t downloaded music yet but I hope it’s as impressive as the sales pitch!