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complex vs Li Lo & Kaws

Sacre Bleu shes banged up and on the same day she got incarcerated for a measly 14days this magazine dropped! Loving the idea of the shoot but some of the pics fall a bit flat for me….the cover rocks as do those hard plastic Kaws gloves SICK!

More pics at Holy Moly

omg MIA killed a ginger kid!

This video is awesome in a Hurt Locker (first scene), Gus Van Saint, Lady Gaga random type epicness. However my initial feelings once the amassed mob are let out of the bus changed to ‘woe woe woe there my little pony tres hard core or what, monsieur director Romain Gavras?’ especially the final explosion…brilliant but really what is it all about. Ill say no more just watch an either be in awe or aghast.

MY APOLOGIES THIS VIDEO SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN PULLED OVER NIGHT – How sh*t is youtube nowadays? Should i give you a verbal breakdown? SPOILER ALERT! if you read on (more…)

Guess Who? The big reveal

As much as i promised you that by the end of last week we would have a new contributor unfortunately it didn’t happen. However if the week started last Wednesday then today would be the end of it so with out further ado it is my great pleasure to present to you Jennaration G’s new addition… (more…)

Guess who?

Guess Who....

This coming Friday will see the first blog post from Jennaration G’s new contributor. Its a big deal for me and the Jennaration in jennaral :P I’ve been blogging here for over a year now hans solo. Not wanting to be chained to my mac and being the social butterfly that i am (ehem) i’ve missed out on some pretty big events (blog wise), happenings that my new contributor was always up on but didn’t have a place from which to pronounce to the world their knowledge. Exactly the kind of character the Jennaration begats, so this is the perfect forum for his or her future rantings. But who you might be asking is this new¬† blogger gonna be and just what pulse are their grubby little fingers on exactly? (more…)