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‘shock’ dancer wins dance competition

I abhor this countrys media¬† why should i care that Lewis Hamiltons objectified human trophy (Nicole She’s-a-zinger-burger) just won some Tv show in AMerica, not only that what is the point of having a dancer compete against non dancers in a dancing competition, unless the dancer has no limbs its kind of an unfair advantage right? In closing is it such international news that a dancer won a dance competition? I dont think so now get off my telly!

Oh and while we’re on the subject of dancers, whoever gave that guy from Pineapple Studios airtime should be slapped for fuelling draconian tv stereo typing. He may be nice to animals, give to charity and be there for his friends however the brief 20secs of him i caught the other night was horrific!

Kanye loves Fishsticks! LMFAO

Stemma Evans this is the reason why South Park is still on TV because it doesn’t give a f**k. Unlike everybody who loves to suck fishsticks!! Oh lord seriously i think i just peed my pants a little, his entourage in the flat, the mexican comedian whose name escapes me, Kanye saying he loves putting fishsticks in his mouth, muthaf*ckin gay fish, oh please stop it now…absolute classic!

The Curious Case of Mr West

No its not the latest home wreckage of Ms Miller but this rather curious picture of Kanye West the Vice already said ‘WTF are you doing to that dude?’ In his defence, it is fashion week, maybe he was smelling the dudes new class A scratch and sniff zipper…. *sniggers*

I love him really… Jenna Ration G

The gayest Oscars?

That’s what their saying and while i think its silly to suggest the politically incorrect theme ran through out the whole event, looking back i can’t help but agree. Jay’s Glamostrator, Mickeys RIP Lowki trinket, the peer on peer loving in nominations, Harry’s insanely high pitched interviewing technique and all the points raised when reading Gawker today! Their Top 10 is spot on with my own personal highlights of the event except the order and one little faux pas, they missed out the dude that came on after the Ledger Family tear-jerker of an acceptance speech. I cant find it anywhere online yet so i actually might have been the only one who laughed out of shock and cringed at the audacity of his terrible sense of humor!

‘Wow, the whole place is in tears and im up next!’

LMFAO, so inappropriate but 10 points for effort Mr. I also most definately would have put Pineapple Express ripping The Reader nearer the top the whole skit was genius!!

Gay with a sense of humour

Alot of chat about Derren Browns amazing mind control techniques going on in the studio today…so much so i purchased a book about NLP….anyways talk soon turned to his sexuality, lol.

I said ‘i bet he gets nuff p***y’

Prash said ‘nah he’s gay’

Kabir said ‘he’s gay!! nah i dont believe it’

Google said…. ‘One of the UK’s best-known mentalists has spoken to The Sun newspaper about his sexual orientation. Under the headline “I’m A Mind Bender” Derren Brown revealed he has a boyfriend. He first confirmed he was gay in an article for the Independent on Sunday in 2007.’

Im a mind bender….LMAO!!