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in my own little world

a royal l’andri

Honestly i have no idea what this is all about….however what i do know is that it stars Europes number one party girl on the underground (seriously shes everywhere!) Pippi Eluschka and her fabulous friends hangin in a Laundry Mat, seriously put a smile on my face this arvo….my laundry is so dirty ;)

only from one angle…

CHeeky head turner

On leaving Bikram last Wednesday i was confronted by the above advert in a betting shop window, the likeness of Neil Robertson (dude on far right) to a certain dnb DJ from this angle only is uncanny dont ya think….more importantly the dude on the far left also resembles a likeness for one of his MC’s or am i clutching at straws?


A classic scene in Lego

Browsing blogs pre-black presidency and found this by Gizmodo. A classic and a fun way to welcome in an ocean of change, better than that bloody prayer!! I hear every VIP is present in the crowd even Oprah Winfrey, genius. Thanks Marcus, check out his post for more pictures!!

Melbourne was wizard in OZ…

So Australia i finally got there courtesy of Naras Entertainment & Singapore airlines and you know what i bloody love it. I dunno if i could live there for 12 months in a row but hanging out in the winter sun was definately a good look. Its crazy though as the whole vibe really suprised me, im not sure exactly what i expected of the final continent on my list to visit but i didnt expect it to be so erm…cool, look so good, cosmopolitian and very comfortable. I didn’t get too bush with my locations, even though Perth wasnt to far off… (more…)

Older Guys…

I keep getting told by friends that i need to stop messing around with young guys and get myself an older man. However the problem is i dont fancy any of them…and when i do their always caught up in some mid life crisis or married with children. On the flip side they never approach me, im guessin its cause i act/look too young?