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siobhans ringtone

For 2 years this has been the song that rang out when Sio Nuff would call, some times i wouldn’t answer as i was to busy singing along…i regret that now shes leaving :P (more…)

poo, im gonna miss you

Sio x Poo

thegiftd keeps me lifted ;)

Checking up on my gurl in NYC by way of her blog as trying to fit in a phone call (or even Skype chat) nowadays is near impossible, came across the Ian Brown video for Stellify which i have to post for all the reasons Sam said…. (more…)

4 pretty nifty inventions

Ok so a friend of mine and his Dad have a design company that are on the way to a million for sure thanks to these little inventions. Small, simple and very effective however my favourite has to be the most unnecessary but highly enjoyable, ‘Quick Draw‘ phone holder..makes me wanna get out my Motorola V out all over again *gun noises* ;) Spread the love and share this vid with whoever, where ever to help a friend indeed and make sure you leave some lovely comments on the Youtube site, no hateration please *more gun noises*

Updated video how the hell did my travel itinerary get in there??

Total world domination kisses, Jenna Ration G

My first birthday cards!

Theres nothing like a home made card in any variety these just so happened to be my first cars of the day, muchos gracias and beso family and friend who is family xoxox…Big thanks also for all the book of fass shouts as well very much appreciated on this special day… :)

Qemists in Middlesbrough tonight AKA my birthday updates @ Jenna Ration G