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Random product placement…Alesha Nooooooooooo!

WTF is this?? No seriously, this was posted on youtube in January, why have i never heard anyone mention it? Better yet why didn’t i see this, surely Ford spent alot of cash on this, im hoping it took a lot cash and not just the bait car to get Alesha to agree to this ‘Bill n Ted’s Bogus Journey‘ inspired piece of music video bewilderment. The tune isn’t bad but the mix is terrible, the lyrics are lovely but what the f**k has it got to do with a┬ápersonalized┬álicense plate, she is talking about the car right? Why else would it be parked up behind her in every other shot! Question…how cool does a small orchestra look in a garage huddled round a Ford? Answers in the comments section please.

Now dont get me wrong, im a lover not a fighter and i also have the maximum respect for Ms Dixon (formerly of Mis-teeq). She is the nicest person, so down to earth and street chic, ridiculously (more…)