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Last night in Belgrade…

Dam you internet people are so quick. Andrea3thousand over there on Youtube already has a little piece of the action from last night @ Club Plastic in Belgrade up online…of course Kabuki, as always, smacked it…this was the end to our very fun set, i do believe its a classic. Big up Lady heres to us making a million from our dnb dance….when we decide what its gonna be :P

ps. Big up the girl who came from Macedonia (which is over 6 hours away from Belgrade on a train) just to party with us last night. Massive maximum respect missus, hope you got home safe :)

Myspace messages


Message from myspace Madison


It has been ages since i’ve been on myspace so today i sat and went through as many of the messages as i could that were overflowing from my inbox. Big shout to all who have been in touch, as always is dope to read your thoughts and feelings in relation to the music thats out there, not so dope to have to delete all that spam!! My apologies for not being able to get back to every single one of of ya a bit more personally ;)  One that i did manage to read was from a lovely chica called Madison who lives in the US of A and came to party at the Monster Massive Halloween Bash i played at last year in LA. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this, its just that alot of people ask about the meaning or reasons behind certain songs i’ve written, i figured this post could kill a fair few birds like a stone as well as help with the college assignment!