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okonomiyaki obsession

Lady Lina you are a don for finding Sou Zou creations, this ring is sooo me! lol

A Pumpkins for life, not just Halloween.

Pumpkin Festival

Thats right you carvers of wasted flesh, if a Pumpkin was a puppy would you have gutted it so carelessly for one night of visual pleasure and then be throwing it on the bonfire later? I think not therefore behold the wondrous vegetable that is the mighty Pumpkin/Squash and fall in love with its many guises…. (more…)

This is why your fat!

This looks tasty.

This does not.

Thank you Faldo for putting me off eating ce soir. More gross indulgences at This is why you’re

Bye bye weekend… Jenna Ration G!

Sushi Porn

I love sushi, not so crazy about porn but these little beauties are adorable!

Boris Hoppek @ Iguapop Gallery

Boris Hoppek @ Iguapop 2

Boris Hoppek @ Iguapop 3

Boris Hoppek @ Iguapop 1
Find more delectable Sushi Porn @ (Source)