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the piano has been drinking

Blog world today is alight with irrelevant news about Tom Waits & Heath Ledger. I totally would either one , but thats not what this blog is about. Lots of people posting the above video mentioning the fact that Toms 29yr old self may have been the inspiration from the late great Heath Ledgers Joker. I can see it kind of but really im just using it as an excuse to post my favourite song by Mr Waits… (more…)

props4shops – Triads, Middlesbrough

Triads Art

Ok no disrespect to Middlesbrough but i did not expect to find a shop this cool here…in fact there are two Triads in the town centre these props are for the shop closet to the town hall. On first glance its a bit preppy and very man wear heavy, alternative major money labels like Lyle & Scott, Stone Island, Stussy, Levis etc. (more…)

Song for the day – Micachu

Curly Teeth – Micachu & The Shapes

Where did i even find this again? I honestly cant remember but i might have heard it on 6music which plays constantly in my kitchen when im home ;) Mica Levi is the singer and song-writer with a keen ear and a natural talent for music, check out more of her stuff for hoovers as instruments….DOPE! Curly Teeth chinks like china and flows smoothly in a jingle-jangled tone. I think the person knitted my over-sized art house jumper listened to this whilst getting her hair cut in an asymmetrical ‘i just got out of bed’ stylee, RAD!

Enjoy :) Jenna Ration G