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will you still love me tomorrow?

More good music found on my history trail on this lazy sunday, Dirty Dancing fans will no doubt know this track from The Shirelles, who were the first girl group to get to number one in the US on this day in 1961 way before Sasha Fierce and her semi related minions! I only found out today that not only did the Shirelles launch the careers of some of my favourite songwriters Carole King, Burt Bacharach and Ashford & Simpson but they were among the first women to write their own music. Again Beyonce FALL BACK! LOL ;)

Video Note

Loving how inappropriate this song is for the younger audience members in the video above, maybe thats the reason for the more up beat backing track on the live version?

monday music

First in the Snow!

Saw the link to this on a Chris Marigolds facebook status, wish i’d have took pics of all the names i saw in the snow last night walking through the first drift in Old Street.

Supra Vaider – Tiffany Snakeskin

I picked up these little beauties, my very first pair of Supras in Melbourne. Could have bought like 10 more pairs the shop was banging but did not fancy trying to fit them in my already overflowing travel bag for the duration of my brief tour down under. Still im more than happy with my little piece of Tiffany, man they look so sweet on my brown sugar feet ;)

Supra Vaider – Tiffany Snakeskin

Thanks to source – Sneakerfiles

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The worlds first!

Passed thru YoYo’s last night (I know I’m sad get over it!) to catch a friends set. Wasn’t gonna stay long but of course that didn’t happen, which was fun cause I met a whole heap of people and encountered a world first! Smokin outside the club Jamal, a tall ludacris lookalike in a safety pin clad leather jacket (dope!), introduced himself to me. Promoting his band True Ingredients and their debut album Prepare and Assemble he presented me with a gift, the worlds first album released on a pair of shades!!! Unfortunately there wasn’t a built in mp3 player on the specks, just a code on the arm which u can enter online for a free download…fortunately their not a bad pair of shades and I got to pick from a range of colours. Haven’t downloaded music yet but I hope it’s as impressive as the sales pitch!