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friday is vienna…

Gina Drewes Vienna Fashion Week 2010

The weekend is nearly here and so off to Vienna i go for my very first Fashion Week appearance, courtesy of the wonderful (and absent from this years Sardinian escapades) Gina Drewes. The fashion show for her new collection A Hazy Shade of Winter will be the final one on Friday followed by the aftershow party at the Volksgarten featuring me and the lovely Barca Baxant along with some dope DJs to do your thing to. If your in Vienna and want somewhere fabulous to go and be fabulous at i guess i’ll see you at the bar, you wont miss me ill be holding a cocktail umbrella, dressed dapper in Drewes ;) x

The Curious Case of Mr West

No its not the latest home wreckage of Ms Miller but this rather curious picture of Kanye West the Vice already said ‘WTF are you doing to that dude?’ In his defence, it is fashion week, maybe he was smelling the dudes new class A scratch and sniff zipper…. *sniggers*

I love him really… Jenna Ration G