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very cool parents indeed

In honour of the recent passing of MCA,  Beastie Boys’ Adam Yaunch somebodies very cool parents made this.

poo, im gonna miss you

Sio x Poo

Limp Bizkit @ Summer Sonic

Limp Bizkit @ Summer Sonic
Still catching up on last fortnights awesome trip to Japan for the mahussive Summer Sonic festival. Headlining our stage in Osaka and Tokyo were Limp Bizkit who honestly i didn’t realize were together anymore… (more…)

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats

I seriously fell in love with this band, they have the cuddliest drummer and their lead singer ripped the sleeves of my t-shirt with his teeth…what more could you want from your dressing room neighbours? (more…)

My first birthday cards!

Theres nothing like a home made card in any variety these just so happened to be my first cars of the day, muchos gracias and beso family and friend who is family xoxox…Big thanks also for all the book of fass shouts as well very much appreciated on this special day… :)

Qemists in Middlesbrough tonight AKA my birthday updates @ Jenna Ration G

My Niece and the Super M’s

Stayed with fam last night in London, it was the first time since last, erm, November that I’ve seen my niece and sister!! Dam I am a bad Auntie…but not that bad as it did mean I had a lot of presents for them from all over the globe. One of those fabulous ‘bought on the fly, in an airport lounge’ gifts was a travel music quiz, where you have to read out the clues from a card and guess the pop singer/band on the back. (more…)

Can u guess the rainbow?


My sister and niece are at mine for the weekend, its a nice feeling having the house full of family! One of the best things about hanging out with my niece is getting the heads up on an age bracket I left a long time ago (she’s 12 in November!). Example, in the back of the car today she switched me on to the some next brand of Skittles, that are a sweety taste challenge, I love puzzles!! So here’s the deal all the colours have swapped flavours, so simple but effective…obviously when challenged to guess what flavour each colour has swapped, I got it right first time (original skittles eater!!!). Never had as much fun with a bag of sweets in me life…oh except this one time….ehem, meanwhile go and skittle yourself at the brand new website that mentions nothing of this taste sensation but has a lot of fun things to get involved with,check out what i did in the video above…


I’ve been mad depressed. Life is good but the stuff its thrown at me the past 3 months has been alot to deal with. Some might say i haven’t (dealt with it) but im still here and will eternally climb back on top of things. The knock on effect however has been a shell like exsistence, hard and shiny exterior with nothing much  but a distance sound inside. Its hard to talk to people about it but doing so can make it seem a little less frightening, still my lips remain sealed at the best of times….go figure ;)