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underground sticker-ing

The above has made me smile more times than i care to mention this week. An awesome project which needs no explanation really thanks to its ‘does what it says on the tin’ namesake, check out the site by clicking the pic above, browse the photos and keep your eyes open next time your on the tube in Laaaan Daaan Taan ;)

say free at 500!

Im definately late on this one but its better than never in my books!

To say thank you for the first 500 followers on his new Facebook page ,Manchester drum and bass producer Dub Phizix is giving away his remix of Sabre’s 100 teeth for free online.  For every 500 followers who like his page Dub Phizix will give away another free tune.

If your lucky you might just catch the Sabre remix, however with a host of releases forthcoming on some of Drum and Bass’ biggest labels including Soul:r, Exit, Critical, Creative Source, Commercial Suicide and Ingredients, theres plenty more freeness to be had. So what you waiting for head over to the facebook page click like and get some freeness to blow out your speakers bass style!

shocking statistics & 007 in drag

Whilst im chuckling at all the facebook status’s poking fun at todays international celebration of women  the statistics in this video as well as Daniel Craig in drag are far from amusing and should remind us all just how far there is to go until men and women are truely equal in this day and age… (more…)

just stop please stop!

Drunk dialling, texing, facebooking, whatever…stop it now!

hip-hop history in 4mins

Wrec jus posted this bad boy on FB, had to share cause it is kinda SICK! Double had to share cause due to the beatboxer Eklips being French, POW ON THE FRENCH TIP!

Brian Maupin is killing me

I simply cross-referenced your interests on Facebook, checked your favorite hobbies on MySpace, researched your work history on LinkedIn, read your personal diary on Xanga, and then broke into your house in the middle of the night and videotaped you and your wife making love.

LMFAO this is great, even better is the fact the guy who made them got suspended from his job at Best Buy only to be reinstated when his videos caught the eye of Paramount Pictures….obviously he didn’t go back to Best Buy!

a reclamation of space

It was getting silly, my inbox on the book of fass, every day over 100 messages mostly invites to events id never make constantly needing deletion. Real messages from friends and people who wanted to network were getting lost in the daily barrage. In between a ridiculous amount of gigging last year my precious time was mostly taken up sifting through junktastic mailboxes instead of being creative (this is what i have decided). So i took action i deleted 60% of my ‘friends’… (more…)

Sanity from Profanity

Hanging out with the amazing Sammy B last night, i swear they broke the mould on this one. She always tells me what’s what when it comes to my Mac, the internet, design trends etc.  Sam put me on to myspace 2 whole years before the UK even took note, same with Facebook, Twitter and now….Cursebird lmao! I swear this little gem is a life saver! Now if your not aware of Twitter you’ll be baffled right now, so lets deal with that first. Twitter is like having a facebook status social networking tool, no pics, no events, no ‘are you sexy’ apps, just constantly updated status’s from people you know or don’t (your choice) on the move across the globe. You can follow other peoples Twitters, view friends etc and comment on what their up to. Honestly this ish is social networking crystal meth you just cant stop, as Lily Allen would say ‘Everybody will be at it’ sooner or later!…check out my Twittering in the side bar perfect for those stalkers (ehem Brian…) wanting to know my every move….moving on from Twitter there is a site of pure genius that feeds off all the Twitters containing swear words, Cursebird is a must for those early morning blues, have the window open on your desktop and feel a small piece of sanity from the constant updates of all types of profanity.

If God was a DnB DJ….

Logged onto Facebook today and seen this classic video post from Manchester’s Konny Kon, feel the spirit make some noise!