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cherry coke, jim henson & alex nut ;)

Midweek mix for your ass, or rather your ears unless of course you can hear with your rectum, which could be the subject of entirely different post…anyhoo music in the mix courtesy of Alex Nut (who is down at Fabric this Friday) these are the sounds and styles he’s feeling right now, in his own words ‘if you like cherry coke and Jim Henson then you will be feeling it too’ :) :0)


Song for the Day – Bostich

Listening to some Fabric CD in Chris from Stealths cruiser the other day, this came in the mix! I haven’t heard it in ages, neither did i know the name til now… ‘Bostich’ (huh?) from Yello is a glorious mish-mash of synth drum frenzy, syncopated melody line and nonsense lyrics heaven….sing along now!

Party tonight? Play safe people ;) Jenna Ration G