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What a coincedence!

So last week one of the SFTD was Esser. He debuted last year and is currently touring with Kaiser Chiefs however i had no idea who he was til i found that glorious song, which was last week…. Any hoo cut to Monday at Hit n Run and whose outside tryin to get in amidst the 100 crowd throng….Well no other than Esser and his band…. How fucking strange!?!?! Of course i introduced my blog tastic self, told him the throwing up was completely unnecessary and then got him and crew into an amazing night down at Mint for nada! Ooo wee thats a first :) Big up Rich Reason n door staff and how could i forget the selector that smokes in illegal places….SKREAM!!

Song for the Day – Esser

There is no need for this video from last years pop skinhead Esser…its a great idea however Esser gives a shakey performance which is the complete opposite to the ever so lovely song I Love You. The whole concept of a skin head singing to an electro pop backing track, with the ‘im not bothered’ attitude and pessimistic similes is a bit of a contradiction but i really like this tune, even if the video sucks. Sticking the fingers down the throat, and throwing up on ya self at the end….why? Anyone…..anyone?

Saturday, Saturday. Saturday @ Jenna Ration G