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serato icon series

‘The Icon Artist Series is a diverse, hand-picked collection of artists who represent and epitomise the Serato ethos’

Its great to hear musicians you admire that make music you love talk about the makings of that music and what it means to them as a whole. The Icon series delivered just that for me with episode 2 which featured Erykah Badu and they’ve done it again with number 4, ¬†The Gaslamp Killer, i dare you to watch it and not head nod¬†vigorously, i felt so pumped after it!

sex in my frontroom….

sex in 2 cities

Did that grab your attention? Perverts, read on to cleanse your soul….


e r y k a h l i d o s c o p e = DOPE!

Correct as always, one woman that can do NO WRONG! This video is ridiculous, enjoy :)

A Warm Superbowl Welcome for Twitty Milk

Whilst watching the Superbowl last night, Erykah Badus Tweets caught my eye majorly cause she was giving birth to hers and Jay Electronicas baby girl, Home birth with Twitter updates, Miss Badu you are the baddest i wouldn’t be surprised if you were freestyling during labour either, we need more like you! Congrats on your new bundle of joy and even better for the temporary name of Twitty Milk….awwwww

Where did you get that nappy lace?

I love Erykah Badu she is ridiculously sexy, spiritual, highly talented and my fav, a surreal stoner. Did i hear right that her first time was with Andre 3000? Dam thats gotta to be a hard lay to follow… Any hoo, im sick and tired of this gorgeous individual being ridiculed by blinkered AA (African American) blogs, comments about her clothes, hair, makeup, baby fathers…. She can wear what she likes people, musically shes a genius, so step back with your apple bottom jeans and leave the room if you have boots with the fur…

My favourite look of hers for a long time was front and centre this morning at C&D, i want a massive nappy looking afro…where did she get this? In a google search would nappy lace even register, lol please type in, too much jokes to document when all i wanna do i show you some pictures!

Nappy Weave 2

I want that nappy weave!