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n-dubz + crop circles = ?

Trying to understand the logic behind the latest crop circle whilst at my sisters with N-Dubz playing in the background (on the radio) equalled a very confused Jenna. It was the complete oppositenessĀ of text i was reading to tex i could hear spoken that proved all to much for my fragile little mind. Heres an example…. (more…)

Science & Nintendo

Monday morning, need a little summet geeky to put a smile on that grumpy face of yours? (more…)

Older Guys…

I keep getting told by friends that i need to stop messing around with young guys and get myself an older man. However the problem is i dont fancy any of them…and when i do their always caught up in some mid life crisis or married with children. On the flip side they never approach me, im guessin its cause i act/look too young?