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now we can talk xmas

My worst season of the year, mostly cause its a over hyped heartless feast of commercialism invented by the sugar sweet mixer thats oh so perfect with a rum. No doubt its all about the children but seeing as i dont have any, the Ebeneezer in me just cant help but hatch when confronted with endless buy this to show them you love them adverts EVERYWHERE! Anyhoo not wanting to be a complete grinch seeing as we are finally in the month of December, i thought it fitting to celebrate the first day of this dismal month with a little dnb christmas cheer (as there seems to be such a thing) courtesy of Spor. Yeah who would of thought he was all festive and shiney like a snow frosted bauble!? Oh and to my neighbors who had the full lights and moving reindeers up on the 7th of November, your carbon footprint for the sake of poor local entertainment disgusts me ;P