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feeling all french


Was it Brassai or Michael Pitt that got me fanatical about France this past weekend? Either way it inspired this mix which is a collection of a few the things i watched and listened to whilst feeling all French. The Dreamers soundtrack provided some excellent Jimi HendrixJanis Joplin as well as turning me onto an old french singer Francoise Hardy , La Haine gets a little feature in there as well as Amelie & Angel A alongside a host of French artists that were already on my harddrive and of course the YSL advert with my current obsession Monseiur Pitt. Enjoy late night when the lights are low with a glass of red wine, whatever poison as long as it makes you mellow, sink back into the sofa or your lovers arms and let the music play… x

Super Super (jokes!)

Super Super's Naamalee

Ok im all about what ever you wanna be, do, represent, label yourself as…im a big supporter of the fact that we are our biggest fans (or at least should be, so shout about it). I especially love those fortunate souls from the old smoke (London) who can look further a field than the M25, maximum props to any media opp that shines a light on my home town… So it’s not necessarily a bad thing then that this particular episode of Super Super (produced by Ele:ven for Channel 4.) had me falling off my stool laughing is it? (more…)

Obsessing much? Fukkk Off!

Fukk Off

Cannot get enough of this man at the moment, dunno why i really should know better…. (more…)

Engine-Earz @ BBC Introducing, Glastonbury

Was a busy festival for me, unfortunately the partying and singing took its toll and by my final gig Saturday night for the Engine-earz my voice was all pooped out. Didnt make it down to their awesome set at Bassline Circus but i did of course represent the previous day in singing Kali-Yuga in their live set at the BBC Introducing Stage.


Song for the day – Micachu

Curly Teeth – Micachu & The Shapes

Where did i even find this again? I honestly cant remember but i might have heard it on 6music which plays constantly in my kitchen when im home ;) Mica Levi is the singer and song-writer with a keen ear and a natural talent for music, check out more of her stuff for hoovers as instruments….DOPE! Curly Teeth chinks like china and flows smoothly in a jingle-jangled tone. I think the person knitted my over-sized art house jumper listened to this whilst getting her hair cut in an asymmetrical ‘i just got out of bed’ stylee, RAD!

Enjoy :) Jenna Ration G