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time consuming but worth it

Concept, hardcore stop-motion photography and post-production by Felix Hüffelmann and Phillip Frowein,

Ah i love this video for the sheer amount of time it must have took to plan, film and then eventually edit!! For the track ‘Bit by Bit’ taken from Comfort Fits album “Polyshufflez”. Album out on on all mp3 sites or grab a CD with limited artwork (if theres any left) from Tokyo Dawn Records!

Notkea Rotte – Bangkok here we come!

I like Norwegian Hip-Hop from Jenna G on Vimeo.

I love me some foreign hip-hop and down under i found out about a whole host of funky sounding people i’d never heard of before. Christmas day on the beach and Jesse from Norway introduced me to Flexible Rat aka Notkea Rotte and their rather catchy song Täältä tullaan Bangkok (Bangkok, Here We Come)! Ok i can only understand the chorus but the backing track is catchy as hell, plus after listening to some of their other stuff their flow on this is ridiculous, Norwegian ain’t that easy to rhyme in ya know! Couldn’t find a video online suitable enough to share with you on here, so i made one myself!

Enjoy Jenna Ration G

Jenna Ration G TV

Jenna Ration G – Writing Sessions Nov 08 from Jenna G on Vimeo.

Working backwards here after finally catching up with my video making. Its been a mad few months and i haven’t been posting as much footage as i have wanted to. Got all inspired though after the South America effort so here is another episode of Jenna Ration G featuring brand new music made with love at Catch 22 studios in Reading, hope you enjoy as much as we do ;)