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when i grow up…

maybe i can bathe in gin like the fabulous Miss Hannigan ;)

just stop please stop!

Drunk dialling, texing, facebooking, whatever…stop it now!

complex vs Li Lo & Kaws

Sacre Bleu shes banged up and on the same day she got incarcerated for a measly 14days this magazine dropped! Loving the idea of the shoot but some of the pics fall a bit flat for me….the cover rocks as do those hard plastic Kaws gloves SICK!

More pics at Holy Moly

pink elephants on parade

Elephants on Parade

Ah that was my favorite bit from Dumbo, when he gets drunk (typical!) and even though only 1 of the elephants i saw on the South Bank was fully pink and they weren’t really on parade, London is much like that part of the movie right now.


i will slap those fries all over your face

Now i lovez me some cheeseburger when im drunk as does this guy, and woe betide anyone that gets in my way however im a little more discreet (hopefully) than this dude. LMAO he picks on the weakest looking dude in the restaurant…wasn’t expecting that! lmfao ;)

on a birthday Flex!

Wicked 20 Feb, Flex Vienna

Tomorrow night ill be seeing in my birthday at one of my favourite clubs in the whole wide world, Flex in Vienna! Wicked is the party hosted by Spaceant and the rest of the Wicked Squad, ill be playing longside my Mainframe homie Disaszt before getting well and truely legless. VIENNA MAKE SURE YOU REACH, im gonna try not to repeat the VOLKS incident ehem…but bring your camera just in case ;)

P.S. If your thinking of buying me a present i like Chanel, Nike SB’s, Silver, fast cars and gadgets! lol

Dour Festival 2009

Dour - Wristband (more…)

Totally obsessed with this chorus!

Enter SHikari

This past weekend it seemed the drunker i got the more i couldn’t stop myself screaming out the chorus to the latest Enter Shikari single. (more…)

Talking Twitter = Audio Boo

audio boo

Got an Iphone, addicted to Twitter but getting bored of typing, then this little app is definately for you, still in its early stages but with bags of potential. AudioBoo allows you to record up to 3 mins of audio into your IPhone which then is published on line for the world to listen to! (more…)

I got wasted for charity!

Last night in Brighton after rehearsals I went out for a quiet drink with the lads, which soon turned into a debaucherous mash-up involving alcohol in plastic bottles, girlfriends telling me very interesting facts about their partners, invites to hang out with porn-stars, skein appreciation, Nurishment and youtube amongst other things. It ended with me throwing up in The Qemists sink 15 minutes before rehearsal…luckily it was fluid more than chunder, so no major clean-up needed and also I wasn’t the only casualty so no major embarrassment there (phew!). Even better than all that though was the fact that the pub (The Robin Hood) is a charity pub….which means all its profits after running costs go to charity!! I’ve never heard of anywhere like this before but it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside (even when hurling into sinks) that my alcohol intake is helping someone, somewhere to maybe do something they couldn’t before!!