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lmfao he actually said it!

Thanks to Strategy for pointing out this absolutely hilarious Ric James video that makes Chappelle paraody ‘Im Ric James Bitch’  even funnier. This is a absolute classic from the jump off, ‘they had a lot of fun making this video’ thanks for letting us know Mr James now can you tell us the drug addled inspiration behind the honey blonde extensions, LEGEND! Lmfao (more…)

Pure – Drug culture doc.

This popped up on my (yes you guessed it) twitter feed yesterday thanks to ScottyMaserati at Grandtheftvideo this morning i gave it a watch. Pure is a very frank documentary from the unique view of the users and pushers.  It covers the obvious areas of drug awareness and yet remains surprisingly un-patronizing, giving a well rounded discussion through the comments and selection of its subjects. I suggest taking a peak over your morning coffee…or whatever’s got you up so early :P (more…)

Tour Diary Day 3 – Amsterdam to Paris

Secret Mushrooms

The Golden M

Buhdussy covers

I feel rinsed and my bed sheets smell of sex, BUDUSSY and non of its mine…ewwww. Im also tipsy and have a bottle of red wine with me from the gig in Dam. Oh Amsterdam how i miss you already, yet strangely soothing now to be so far away…. (more…)

Song for the Day – Cerrone

For all the junkies hooked on whatever floats ya boat, heres a little AA disco notion to kick that habit! I will be shuffling round in a disco diva stylee to this one, ya joining me?

Readin the newspaper leads to drugs

Salvia, the hallucinogenic herb and relative of the sage family, has been recognized for its LSD-like properties for many years. It is only recently, though, that it has gained mass recognition in the press and, perhaps critical to its own demise, lawmakers and politicians across the US. Despite this apparently widespread knowledge of Salvia, it is misunderstood by many of those who would like to see it banned. –

I only just found out about this Salvia thing atfer a flick through a broad sheet the other day, seems like its the new stocking filler for those who like to expand their minds over christmas time. I don’t know about that but i do know about Youtube‘ing it for endless hours of fun watching people’s wrists go limp, laugh uncontrollably as their minds go west, much like the one above….”why you cool man!” lmao!!

Yay, Im an unconfirmed report!!

That link in blue on the last paragraph is to my page….tee hee :)

So last week the great no show Ghostface saga was the hot news. Riot Jazz booked him and then him and his DJ go and get themselves arrested at Heathrow. Kind of big news i thought seeing as he’s a Wu member and his new album is out on the 16th, however now where on the internet or in the black music media was this covered apart from on the facebook event page and my blog…. Flattering or obvious then that Nah Right link my blog story to his arrest as an unconfirmed report!! Tee hee, unconfirmed!?!  It makes me sound like a gossip…me an idle gossip……really i never heard such nonsense. the report came straight from the promoter and was then backed up by his agent who i heard from eventually at the end of the week…im a broadcaster not a gossip, i thank you (and Nelliarmous for the contact! ;)

Jodeci….what happened?!?

Now i’ve heard the bad things that crack can do to the best of people.  Amy Winehouse bleeding from her satin ballet shoes outside 5 star hotels, Bobby Brown teasing poo out of his wife Whitneys arse, James Brown lifting up a police car?!? Oh no wait that was PCP any hoo, the latest stars to fall between the crack are K-ci & Jojo from Jodeci….ok they have been on crack for a while but this video deserves a little talk up and that was it! So now please watch in awe as this cracked out duo take to the stage for one of their biggest hits….

BRUV, NO……K-Ci your COLD, you just left him there, your brother….even bodyguards more concerned about the mic….god i dunno who to blame more for this shameful display. Crack, the audience for paying them or the promoter for organising the whole swarry and agreeing to crack on the rider!  I just hope and pray they dont get groupies in this state…like i dont even want to that shit can you imagine The Show, The After-Party, The cracked out hotel room orgy?!? Let this be a lesson to all young upstarts out there in the RnB game, Ray J, Llyod im talking to you… Find a wife and find her fast cause eventually the good p***y runs out, you’ll get older and a bit bitter hit the crack pipe and start straight passin out in the middle of your shows…then think of the calibre of p***y you gon get…ewwwwwwwwww!