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They aint going out like that!

I have to readdress the balance of last post…for those that may have never heard of Jodeci, i dont want you thinking their some waste man doing gigs to fund their crack habits…even though that is what they are…you dont understand they used to be amazing. No sign of the other two lads from the group Dalvin & Devante (swooooon, i touched his thigh at Free Trade Hall!)…the ones who didnt sing but looked so much better! My guess is that they are still getting busy with healthy looking groupies whilst holding down steady marriages! All that is beside the point…The reason we should all be shocked and appaulled by the last post…they used to be amazing and drug free! This my favourite video from them it used to have a teary eyed effect on me….i dunno maybe it was the sand, the leather pants or the fact that they sounded so god dam good!



Drugs = bad, Diary of a mad band = good