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20/20 four

We made it back from Sardinia and the wild roads of Europe, i swear thought i was dead 2 times in France thanks to Dads sporadically bad driving. Apart from that Laundry day and Sun & Bass were so much fun, The G family officially love Sardinia which as always was a joy, big shouts to all crew that made it so. Henry loved the beaches of San Teadoro, he even had his first swim 100m off shore (what a brave little puppy!) and got the first stamp in his passport! ¬†Since our return my Dad has bought his first espresso pot and is planning on annoyingly answering the telephone in Italian for the rest of his life ‘Bon Journo’. It was funny to spending time with him on the road, even if his stick shift driving is a bit rusty we had a lot of fun taking wrong turns, passing through borders stoned, buying alcohol at motorway service stations, telling tour stories and singing along to the epic collection of music i loaded onto a USB stick for the snazzy system in the hire car. 8gbs of musical entertainment easily saw us through the 28 hours of road time clocked up over 3000km of road in 7 countries, wanted to give you a taster but how do i boil that down to 20 minutes?

Start her up to find out :)

a song for the sun

Yes yes yes, its warm in Manchester and even though my wax ran out half way through my right leg, i dont care, im ready to go enjoy the heat!!! Any 22 years olds of the pretty male type fancy pooling pocket money for a car to run away in this arvo…what??! I mean to innocently recreate the video! (perverts!!)

I miss blogging!

All over the show, I have been this past week. London, Manchester, Vienna back to London then back to Manchester! Hotel, motels and the Holiday Inn but non of them had free wifi and I am so over paying through the nose for Internet. BT have the cheek to charge ¬£6 for an hour!!!!! WTF it’s four more pounds for the full 24, how the hell did they figure that out? Anyways add to the fact that outside the uk iphone data roaming requires a mortgage and u van understand why there’s been no blogging action. I missed it, telling all to no one in particular like they care!!! Back in manny and making the most of the iPhone wordpress app, I’m writing this in the dentist :)