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snoop in manc

snoop at Rock Corps

Seriously he was and thats got nothing to do with the fact i wasnt at Glasto…more do to with the fact he didnt bring TT onstage, actually did more of his own tunes rather than other peoples and was wearing a Man United football shirt…..there was a few moments at Thursday Rockcorps concert where me and Sam were not feeling it at all (Akon track, random Euro pop freestyle) but regardless Snoop Dizzle was the shizzle for rizzle the complete bomb bizzle my nizzle. Also im giving myself props for wearing my original Snoop T from the Doggystyle era and standing out like a sore thumb, beeyatch you better recognize im an OG lmao! Also caught  Vampire Weekend who were bloody brilliant very happy clappy low down snare playing slappy, drummer and bass player just a joy to watch making it a dope event all round. Big up the Orange RockCorps crew for all your hard work you soooooo deserved Thursdays knees up, and big shouts to theGiftd & LT for the tickets case you know i never painted no wall! :) Gonna add the few videos i took after the jump but gimmie til end of week innit blud! (more…)