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Pure – Drug culture doc.

This popped up on my (yes you guessed it) twitter feed yesterday thanks to ScottyMaserati at Grandtheftvideo this morning i gave it a watch. Pure is a very frank documentary from the unique view of the users and pushers.  It covers the obvious areas of drug awareness and yet remains surprisingly un-patronizing, giving a well rounded discussion through the comments and selection of its subjects. I suggest taking a peak over your morning coffee…or whatever’s got you up so early :P (more…)

Dana Lauren Goldstein

Jailbait Core by Dana Goldstein

The latest Vice emailer has a link to an interesting collection of photos entitled Jailbait-Core by Dana Lauren Goldstein. I like her style the title (genius!)and subjects instantly intrigued and unnerved me, i guess without the theme the pictures would seem quite innocent and i wouldn’t feel so guilty looking at them… (more…)

Birds & Bullets

Eric A Bailey Bright Eyes (more…)

The Qemists Live @ Glastonbury 2009

Twas mad fun indeed, didnt manage to get any of the live stuff on film as all my batteries died quite early on… :( Spent most of the weekend with muddy feet and a smiley face, literally bumping into loads of people i knew and having a good ol knees up on various stages and in massive crowds! (more…)

Oh Miss Nouman im loving your new site gurl, nearly as much as i love your hair and you know that’s alot! Slick ass layout, colours and of course the fabulous samples of ya work. Massive hair = Massive talent, cant wait to see you do so much more! X

Jenna Ration G

Some DvD Justice!

Justice – A Cross The Universe – Trailer from INDUSTREATE on Vimeo.

I want to see this now, like yesterday even….one of my favourite albums of 2007 didn’t see them live but in every car and bedroom i played it in, it was going off!  Documentary includes cameos from Antony Kedis, the pair shopping for million dollar houses and my personal fav, Xavier & Gaspard kissing :)

DVD ‘Across the Universe‘ is out 24th November with a live CD mixed by Ed Banger, ill see you at the front of the queue!

Thanks to Trash Menagerie :)