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unnecessary epicness


Q – How much are virgin paying Beyonce and Gaga to promote their communication devices?

A – Enough for them to release 2 singles subliminally (NOT) mentioning their product and create this epic video featuring you guessed it a close-up of a virgin mobile (again!). (more…)

Peaches & Iggy Pop kick Zombie ass!

Kick It - Peaches & Iggy Pop
I don’t know why but i am obsessed by zombies, not in the way i would have a latex mask in my house or a copy of Evil Dead, ewww NO! However i do have a fondness for the brain dead eaters of living flesh, maybe its cause their the only bad guys i could out run, realistically. (more…)

Eric Wareheim x Flying Lotus

Yesterdays post of the Major Lazer video lead me on to this amazing director, checking out his work on Vimeo and found some awesome stuff including this tripped out video for Parisian Goldfish by Flying Lotus. (more…)

Whats in the box…?

The Qemists Video Shoot

The Qemists Video Shoot

Have spent the past two days in a catsuit, army boots and cape heavy breathing in the old Dalston Boys Club….not an average weekday (one can but wish!) but the video shoot for the next Qemist single S.W.A.G! (more…)

There is a song for everything


Some people are far too quick for me. Woke up this morning with two topics on the go…Video making and Pianos. How appropriate is this then?

Shimmying round the house to this one, its sunny and there’s the sweet smell of disco in the air!