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mucky halloween

die da, die da, die da oder die da?!?

I’d told you we’d get to Germany by the end of the day. This is the only German song i can confidently sing along with and still not really know what the hell im saying…lets hope its still big in the karaoke bars in Berlin else ill be stuck with Hasslehoff covers on a drunk night out ;) Dam this song was massive though back in the day, i remember it was always on MTV over here in the UK like 90 erm something or other, oh and there was that french guy too, what was his name again…….. ah Fabe im thinking i have to have french hip hop day at some point, that album was one of my favs back in the day, Detournement De Son!


Absolutely loving this remix, and if you do to then you can go buy it TODAY as the whole single package is up and online at Hospital Records. Dont aim me for it, buy it support the cause like Shy FX did with DJ Fresh…. (more…)

Sunday Sounds

Catching up on my myspace inbox leads me to todays musical posting. An old mix of tracks i used to have up on the player has been in hot demand, so here it is short sweet and inspiring me to do a longer mix in the very near future! Hope you enjoy :)

Tracklisting (more…)

I’ll stuff that f**king thing down your throat!! – Watch more free videos

Sunday, browsing the blogs i’ve missed in the week found this courtesy of whatchagunnado.¬†LMAO then feel ridiculously guilty for laughing and scared like i’ve jinxed myself…would just die if someone did this too me, spiders are soooooooo not my thing! My reaction would have been alot like the woman who throws her bag at the wall and the too elder ladies who scream like b**ches!