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Are you curious as to whether your such a PHALLUS that someone put your name into the almighty reference known as DICKAPEDIA? Didnt know there was one? Oooo i bet your mad nervous now innit…you dick!

finally no dicks!

Merton Chat

This has to be the funniest chat roulette video, thanks to @andrea3k for the tweet on this, Merton is the Piano freestyle champion watch.learn.laugh!


Kanye loves Fishsticks! LMFAO

Stemma Evans this is the reason why South Park is still on TV because it doesn’t give a f**k. Unlike everybody who loves to suck fishsticks!! Oh lord seriously i think i just peed my pants a little, his entourage in the flat, the mexican comedian whose name escapes me, Kanye saying he loves putting fishsticks in his mouth, muthaf*ckin gay fish, oh please stop it now…absolute classic!