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development open the digital vaults

Available for download finally is my collab with Zed Bias on Development Music last year, Let me Change Your Mind. Part of a digital collection of new music, fresh interpretations and recent classics from Manchester based Development, to celebrate the club night’s 4th Anniversary. Atjazz unreleased mixes and a hot new Kissey Asplund collaboration make up Track from the Vaults EP available NOW at !

Blatent self promotion!

Its only me!

Twitter mate @IamFordy asked the other day if i had any new music on the go that he hadn’t heard…me thinks he doesn’t read my blog, as of course i’ve been posting my studio sessions and releases as and when they’ve happened. Tut tut Fordy….i shouldn’t need to tell you that i have actually been working on a non dnb album since last September and hope to preview some finished tracks from those sessions at Catch 22 & Zed Bias very soon. In the meantime though heres whats out there right now…. (more…)

Lyrics – Let me change your mind

A while back on me facebook i got a friend request from a dude asking about the lyrics to ‘Let me change your mind‘. The message was from a DJ whose girl pals were requesting it whenever he played and wanted to know what the hell the song Zed Bias and myself made was all about…now i don’t really like to divulge to much of the reasons behind my song lyrics but i don’t mind posting them up for those that wanna make up there own interpretation! (more…)

2 in a row!

Red bull… 

Another night/morning at the Biasonic Laboratory, another track written. Inspired by alot of Redbull, a dash of Glenns’ and some herbal persuasion…Show some appreciation was the title tonight, My Reason was yesterdays. Started both tracks with no idea of lyrical intent. Just playing with words and structure ideas, got a bit confusing yesterday as the hook wasnt making any sense with the verse…some people can deal with that, after all some people dont even listen to the lyrics. Not me, i need a sense closure or at least a storyline of some sorts…Any hoo i figured it out in the end, the middle 8/after chorus/counter melody whatever you wanna name it, thats where it makes sense. Reminded of the song ‘Let me change your mind’ out on Development Music at the moment. Me and Zed wrote that back in March, like today the verses came in minutes…but i hadnt really caught on to what i was trying to say. When the hook hit, it was like a sweet release of tension in my creative soul, so worth staying up til 6am 2 nights in a row… ;)