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fab ciraolo

Somehow whilst internet surfing this morning i stumbled upon Fab Ciraolo and his amazing illustrated design work, my favorite, above, is my new screen saver. I didnt think Marelene D could be more dope than she already was but with a sleeve and chest tatt?!? Stop it already! More amazing artwork can be found by Fab on his blog. (more…)

Thank You Shoeture!

Present from Shoeture!

Got a dope present passed on by Gina whilst in Sun and Bass from LA sneaker accessorizer (yes im making up words) Shoeture i’ve seen lace jewellery before but this company does it with alot more flair…  (more…)

Stereo Panda x Micheal Jackson Tee!

The King of Pop is well and truely dead and whilst his family scrabble over his estate and children the rest of us mere mortals are left to grieve in more civil ways… Twittering Tributes, RIP MJ Facebook status’s, Blipping fav MJ tunes, attending the Apollo ‘Grieve In’ or getting all creative and cashing in on such and untimely demise are just some of the ways we have been coping! (more…)

4 pretty nifty inventions

Ok so a friend of mine and his Dad have a design company that are on the way to a million for sure thanks to these little inventions. Small, simple and very effective however my favourite has to be the most unnecessary but highly enjoyable, ‘Quick Draw‘ phone holder..makes me wanna get out my Motorola V out all over again *gun noises* ;) Spread the love and share this vid with whoever, where ever to help a friend indeed and make sure you leave some lovely comments on the Youtube site, no hateration please *more gun noises*

Updated video how the hell did my travel itinerary get in there??

Total world domination kisses, Jenna Ration G