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Midnight at Situation HQ

Ok so election day is in full swing, Slugworth is doubling up as a pundit on CNN (top pic in middle). 7pm in the evening state side and the votes are coming in thick and fast….not looking good so far for Obama but theres a fair few more hours of voting and results to go. Loving being holed up in the hotel with Sam, Nic and Orly so far debates have covered the obvious…Obama the black hope, racism in America, chav styles of the UK, Wiley and his professionalism, Sarah Palin’s stupidity and the styling errors in the new Virus Syndicate video….breathe and theres still 4 more hours to go!

BFM @ Richmix – Shoreditch

Got invited to take part in a Q&A discussing issues raised in Chris Rocks new film, I Think I Love My Wife, at the 1st Black Film Makers event in London. It was fun, the film, the panel, justifying respect in a relationship to a male comedian, who was also part of the panel, which turned into a X vs Y debate! Maybe not the best idea after a recent heinous experience of infidelity in a relationship, my opinions bordered on bitter lesbian but it sure made for some good viewing!

Shouts to all BFM family for a great night and all in attendance for a even better vibe, see you at the next one..oh wait its Adulthood, i’ve already seen it!