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the piano has been drinking

Blog world today is alight with irrelevant news about Tom Waits & Heath Ledger. I totally would either one , but thats not what this blog is about. Lots of people posting the above video mentioning the fact that Toms 29yr old self may have been the inspiration from the late great Heath Ledgers Joker. I can see it kind of but really im just using it as an excuse to post my favourite song by Mr Waits… (more…)

entertainment from the box of mind control

twd hospital

Ok TV is the devil i know this but my question is does it count when you watch it at your own leisure on the internet and not at scheduled times? Im saying no it doesnt and thats why im about to gush over 2 new programmes that defo deserve a mention. First up The Walking Dead, Zombie drama series set in the US but featuring UK actors, is that a tax break? Whatever im feeling it immensely, the Zombies are to my liking they fit the handbook rule of the walking dead, no intelligence and slightly slow on their feet but fantastically gruesome.

twd wife




Not a good week for old skool american actors. First Gary Coleman & then Dennis Hopper . Two legends with very different hollywood stories one leaves behind an epic filmography the other an epic catchphrase but both to me are equally unforgettable. Hope their resting in peace up in Hollywood heaven!

car crash pr from NIKE!?!?!?!

Whoever is responsible for this awful advert, should be ashamed of themselves. His dead fathers voice and a slow moving close up…tut f**king tut. Can anyone tell me how this relates to him playing golf? Or am i missing the whole double meaning wrapped up in this campaign which looks like it was devised by the evil minds at Prentiss McCabe!


OMG really?  Everyones dropping like flies in Hollywood must be something in the water….wait a minute doesn’t everyone drink bottle water over there? Its a conspiracy! OK enough of the jokes one of my all time biggest heartthrobs from being a teenager was found dead of an overdose this morning in his LA home :( (more…)

Sudafed Warning….

Ok so if you have been following my Twitters since Tues you will know i am in Oz right now… However if this is the first you’ve heard of it, let me just break down exactly what happened to cause this post over the past 24 hours!! First of this journey is the maddest i have ever done, i left London 10.00pm on Tuesday evening and arrived 7.10am Melbourne Australia on Christmas day, i cant decide if i have lost or gained a day, mentally not actually (for all you anally retentive peeps!!)….. Fortunately there was a plane change in Singapore, 2 hours of feet massages and cheap shopping,got a $700 dollar bag for £200…again haven’t deicided whether that’s good or bad :) Unfortunately for me i got VERY sick on the landing into Changi airport. Sweating, quick breaths, light headed and paralyzed down my left side for about 5 mins, which of course scared the shit out of me and meant i wasn’t getting on no plane fool til i got the all clear from a doctor…

I’ve fainted a few times in my life, and i can honestly say this is exactly what would of happened if it wasn’t for the amazing staff on board the Singapore Airlines flight. Cut to medical centre and im being told that all my vitals are Kosher but we’re still no closer to findng out about what ever might have caused such discomfort…mentally and physically.. After the standard new patient questions the airport doctor asked what medication i had been taking…when i replied Sudafed, they closed their book and decided to edumicate me about the effects this particular drug may have ( which by the way are not mentioned on the packet….) i usually take it if i have a cold and have to fly because it helps to ease the sinus pain on take off and landing…however for some reason this time it induced an anxiety attack…causing the symptoms mentioned above…..

So let this be a warning to all you over the counter pills poppers, Sudafed on long haul flights = Mad Anxiety attacks…..which, depending on your location, could mean shitty feeling or cheap valium or death :) ….check out my Tweets on the left hand Lifestream for more info :)