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c’est orie’blah

Ok i’ve woken up french this morning, im wearing black, being rude and making up my own dialeck du francais, tee hee bon bon. Je pense ( i think) it has something to do with a link i was tweeted this week by London based male slasher Orie. I have no idea who this guy is (his website Bandana-O has nothing but t-shirts on it) or why sacre blur he wanted to send moi a link to his tune up on Youtube called Zonin but he did god bless him le petit follie du jambon and i really couldnt keep this ‘nil pois effort spectacular‘ to myself. Et Voila 100% effort 5% audible enjoyment c’est Orie‘blah avec Zonin…its kind of like a Andre 3000 on Pink and Blue in alot of pain, mixed with my niece at 5 years old repeating made up lyrics for an hour and that dude off youtube who falls out of his underwear on the bed and has shots of him singing dans la douche (any advances?)! Love it, Hate it its out there for your entertainment, PR savvy as well this one tweeting the link to all relevant industry heads (see below) wonder if Dizzee & Jay will be calling him for a tete a tete sometime soon……*slapsmyselfforunoringinalironicclosing*


(Disclaimer – If you weren’t aware i am not french and cannot speak, or write french with any degree of accuracy, therefore do not waste your time with school teacher corrections on my own made up dialect NB unless they come with free one on one lessons and your names Vincent Cassel ;)

Is that really necessary?

This is kinda childish but i have to say something before i die cringing alone. Im really uncomfortable with the Vagisil adverts currently running on UK TV…there i’ve said it out loud, i don’t care, i find the casualness of the whole commercial ridiculous….its not a sanitary product and yet all that is missing from the 30 sec slot is a rollerskating/bike riding montage to accompany the calm voice over detailing the myriad of reasons you might have an itchy fanny, besides thrush! Isn’t the name testament enough as to where or why you might need to use Vagisil? It certainly doesn’t sound like a beauty product to me…it has that Ronseal does what it says on the packet kind of name. The advert also has me wondering if i would ever appear in a commercial for a feminine product such as this. There’s no shame in a bacterial infection (depending on how you got it!), nor in getting paid work but there’s one woman like 3 from the front who doesn’t look so sure….lol!