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he finally stopped asking me

Jeff Leach stopped asking me out for dinner about a year ago, we first met in 2007, im so glad he finally got the message  ;) Its not that i dont find him ridiculously attractive or his hip-hop speak when addressing me amusing, my polite refusals were more to do with the fact that he is just not boyfriend material…see above and be prepared Edinburgh he’s coming…for your women! (more…)

snooch to tha nooch!

Jay & Silent Bob aka Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith are getting old like most of us. However unlike most of us these two are talking about it every week via their podcast on the Smodcast network and it is a work of live genius! Created as an intervention for Jasons real life drug addictions this weekly dose of personal back stories, slanted social commentary and belly laughs has been keeping me well entertained since its launch in summer. Perfect company for cooking in the kitchen and long journeys which is what the holiday season is full of right? So now is the best time to download all the episodes via Itunes or whatever, load up your portable player and catch up, be prepared to look like a crazy person laughing out loud on public transport snooches!!

so many films so little time

Vampires suck

Over the past 2 weeks i have watched a considerable amount of films, travelling an all you kinda clock up the movie hours. To be honest i watch a lot of films in general when i cant sleep wont sleep much like last night or this morning or whenever it was i woke up and couldnt get back to sleep and found myself watching Vampires Suck, it being the only thing left on my hard drive i hadnt seen. For those that dont know its a parody of the Twilight films, maybe came out this year, i dont know, nor do i recall why its on my hard drive but any ways… (more…)

p.w.m. – sukh knight keeps the vibe alive

There is in my life and for a few members of True Tiger a rather special day in the week, no long ting i cant be arsed to go into the story but lets just say Panda Wank Monday is one alternatively refreshing way to start a 7 day cycle, read into that how you will as the truth is no where near as perverse as your tiny brains are thinking. Its been a while since me or the lads referenced said special day but Sukh brought it all flooding back this weekend just in time for P.W.M with this little beauty of an advert, ha ha too fitting for this auspicious occasion, double panda points ;) Watch the full set of adverts here



Are you curious as to whether your such a PHALLUS that someone put your name into the almighty reference known as DICKAPEDIA? Didnt know there was one? Oooo i bet your mad nervous now innit…you dick!

digital camera barbie!?!

Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

I want one NOW. I don’t need this video to convince me how awesome it is in comparison to my digital SLR! Ghostly hands in every shot and hot shoes, note thats 2 and not 1 hot shoe…lmao!

safe sex fail!

SHould’ve worn a condom
Uploaded by getsplenty. – Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

Stoner movies are the greatest 2nd is French, then Swedish (i just watched GWDT, insanely brilliant) and then action movies which encompass all types of fighting and shoot em ups, explosions and blood spouting galore! However concerning my numero uno film category i have share with you a scene thats has been making me piss myself laughing daily since re watching the movie Grandmas Boy last week. Oh the bliss of loosing your v’s mixed up with the medical responsibilities of sex, Word Up!

my kind of porn

Another video from last night at the casa del riot….lmfao Floop, floopy floop!

you r b a utiful

‘I am Beautiful’ by Joshua & Nathan Flynn from Joshua Flynn on Vimeo.

A short stop motion animated sting created as an introduction for the ‘Best Stop Motion’ award category of the 2009 University of Glamorgan Glammies Awards. Created and animated by Joshua & Nathan Flynn. This years awards theme was Star Trek. Starring Commander Worf and Cadet ‘red shirt’ Wilhelm.

This holds a special place in my heart, i used to be likened to this Star Trek Character in High School…ahhh fond memories!

the answer

To what question i dont know but Die Antwoord are highly amusing. Straight outta South Africa fronted by Ninja (formerly known as Watkin Tudor Jones, check the Fantastic Kill album from 2005 dope!), Yo-landi (who writes books…can someone elaborate on this please) and DJ Hi-Tek who is sometimes a fat bloke but in this video is the infamous Chicken Boy. I cant get this bloody chorus outta my head…. (more…)

Brushing up on your excuses?

Canal Advert

Quite possibly the best advert in the world…. (more…)

The Albert Einstein of Dick!?!

jon la joie

Jon La Joie…some of u will not get this others will want to be part of his Everday Normal Crew, he is ever so random but a simple genius! (more…)

International Log x Ren & Stimpy!


Remember Ren & Stimpy with its cool jazz intro, very adult off the wall scripts and totally bizarre storylines? Man that was some good tv, i hadn’t thought about that show in ages until today. Saw this video International Log and spat my coffee out laughing, so obviously went on a search for more… (more…)

The Milk, Ross Kemp on Gangs.

Ross Kemp on Gangs
Matthew has been quoting this youtube video for a while now, yes im late for checking it out but it is hilarious… (more…)

Blog Love – Camel Hoof

Pum Tang Clan (more…)

Congrats Mr Lewis

Watching the Oscars and of course Tweeting all the way through. Just watched Jerry Lewis pick up the Humanitarian award, reminded me of how much i used to laugh at this clip when i was little…and still do now! lol

Self Esteem Issues?

Talk to Kat!!

Jenna Ration G

Home blud?

Less than 12 hours and im on a plane back home to blighty….definately sad to be leaving the winter sun and Aussie attitude behind. Thinking about all the things that make me smile about my little island in the freezing cold to make the trip home less stressfull…this always gets me going, thank you Regatta & Rabbi for showing me this one :P

BFM @ Richmix – Shoreditch

Got invited to take part in a Q&A discussing issues raised in Chris Rocks new film, I Think I Love My Wife, at the 1st Black Film Makers event in London. It was fun, the film, the panel, justifying respect in a relationship to a male comedian, who was also part of the panel, which turned into a X vs Y debate! Maybe not the best idea after a recent heinous experience of infidelity in a relationship, my opinions bordered on bitter lesbian but it sure made for some good viewing!

Shouts to all BFM family for a great night and all in attendance for a even better vibe, see you at the next one..oh wait its Adulthood, i’ve already seen it!