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i cant bite my toe nails…

…in fact apart from helping me walk and keeping me balanced theres not much else that i do with my feet, to be honest im not their biggest fan. When i was in Infant 3 (5-6yrs old  i think) we were asked to draw humans in the future how we would have adapted to the changes in our enviroment and technology. My evolved  human/robot had cone shaped discs instead of feet (amongst other things)  because  ” Toe nails and dry skin take to much time to take care of ”  ”…space travel was far to important to spend time cleaning fluff from between your toes”. There was also no belly button for the exact same reason…obviously. However i might not have been so hasty to redesign those space travelling time wasters if Youtube was around back then!

Ok the singing and song choice – no comment, but regardless this is pretty inspiring!

Source – Popbitch Mailout