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To misery from glee in 12secs…

Sat in Catch 22 studios and Prash tells me, amid a million others things, that Cheech and Chong are making another movie! Yay ;) Stoner heaven, 2 legendary pot heads back on the big screen reminding us its fine to be a pensioner an blaze the herb!! Ganja for all, no sand, no twigs just good old fashioned THC, where do i book my ticket? 2secs, Rejoice did i, 4secs, gaily ran me to my mucky mac and googled new+movie+cheech+chong+2008, 6secs later….

How do you like them apples the whole first page of google did not reveal it to be true, no new film, just new t-shirts (which i ordered *blush*) and a new US comedy tour….booo! Am i to just forget about the whole thing? Page 2 of google had some crappy story from back in 2003 that they were thinking about doing a new movie…am i to believe if this is tru that a) they havent pulled there fingers out and made it yet and b) that the news has only just got to Reading!

Please can someone make another stoner movie, a brand new one with totally hilarious but sexy men…that stoner model Adrienne from ANTM cycle could be in it for the lads, Matthew Mconaughey for us ladies, or just me…the market is crying out for it. I am telling you How High, Half baked they are the most recent right? Oh wait Grandmas Boy, that was slighty stonerish, classic dealer! Have i missed something? Any suggestions that are crap will not be taken on board…no part timers here thank you :) Can someone also please stop hating on Reading and tell it things a little sooner, cause that just ain’t right.

In keeping with the green nature of this rant i am so high this post has took me ages and contains many a fun link, please explore them all!