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good mahnin

02 Good Mahnin by Jenna G & Catch 22

Karma @ Sakura, Reading tomorrow night

Sakura reading flyer july

The gigs go on this week kicking off tomorrow night at Sakura in Reading. Karma will be even bigger than the last time. I’ll be there , will you?

Listening – Fannypack

Im in Reading, working with Engine-Earz on a vocal version of Kali Yuga, woop woop! Got up bright and early this morning to catch the train from Manchester which was lovely. I had a table, charged my phone, caught up on emails, twittered when i had signal and alighted the train at my destination cool, calm and collected…. That was until i walked past a rather portly young man who took it upon him self to claim very loudly that i had a huge camel toe! (the rest of this story was twittered and to painful to repeat!)
Cue song for the day and a trip to H&M to buy a long vest… LMAO its Cameltoe from the glorious but unfortunately no more Fannypack!

Sunday Sounds

Catching up on my myspace inbox leads me to todays musical posting. An old mix of tracks i used to have up on the player has been in hot demand, so here it is short sweet and inspiring me to do a longer mix in the very near future! Hope you enjoy :)

Tracklisting (more…)

Jenna Ration G TV

Jenna Ration G – Writing Sessions Nov 08 from Jenna G on Vimeo.

Working backwards here after finally catching up with my video making. Its been a mad few months and i haven’t been posting as much footage as i have wanted to. Got all inspired though after the South America effort so here is another episode of Jenna Ration G featuring brand new music made with love at Catch 22 studios in Reading, hope you enjoy as much as we do ;)

Inspiration for this weeks session….

Come and holla if your in the Reading endz, back in the studio with Catch 22 this is the weeks inspiration….

I can’t wait to see what we got at the end of the week ;)

Sneaky peak at some new stuff!


Nothings concrete but foundations are being laid, heres a little sample of whats coming up next…leave a comment let me know if your feeling it! Peace :)

My last day at 1Xtra…

My Last Day @ 1Xtra from Jenna G on Vimeo.