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Im off on a Space Invader hunt…

Space Invader map of manchester

I had planned to go on a little bank holiday art treasure in my home town, on the trail of the 2004 invasion however the weather was miserable and kept me indoors, making me regret my decision to not stay down south and party yesterday… (more…)

Qemists Live @ DNNB XL

dnnb xl

I don’t know why i have never searched for videos of The Qemists performing live before today but there is a hell of alot of stuff online, thanks to all you lot armed with camera phones who have rocked out at a Qemist’s show. (more…)

Outside Petrol – Antwerp

Petrol Graffiti

The venue for tonights gig Petrol, is crazy but hell of good in a Vice fashion shoot styleee, it used to be an old rubbish dump and has some weird features like a road on the roof and a huge iron graff board! I took advantage of the load in time and went exploring with my camera, in my first Second Son tee of the tour…


Vaughn loves that christmas cash

It was a year ago next week that i was at Claridges in London for the Fred Claus press junket. I never seen the movie, it looked terrible Vince Vaughn starred as the trouble some brother of one my favourite actors Paul Giamatti who played Santa Claus (sooooooo beneath him). It also had Ludacris as a elf and the kid from Idlewild in it, hence 1X’s interest. Anyways I didn’t pull the short straw of interviewing Vince (who incidentally got paid £20 million for the role), so i couldn’t tell you how genuine he is. Im thinking though its not that genuine thanks to his return in another crappy movie this season, Four Christmas’s. Starring Reese (cheesy chick flick don) Witherspoon, Jon Voight and some others it tells the tale of a couple spending christmas with their divorced parents…Hollywood reality YAWN, wonder how much they all got paid for this monstrosity. Go see at your peril :)