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100,000 views and counting

Loving the video for True Tiger and P Moneys ‘Slang like this’ yeah i know im late on it but gyal has been busy innit, well deserved view count for these hard working lads. I better party with them soon else their off my christmas list ;)

the codpiece

cameo cod piece

The other week in Vienna doing some youtube djing i came across a classic from back in the day, Word Up from Cameo, watching this video i must say Prince has a lot to answer for with regards to black male pop fashion post 1985…..however he in no way endorsed the Codpiece. (more…)

Nerm & D-code vs Orifice Vulgatron

Fray wrap pic

Last Sunday, still down in London, Vibe bar was the place to be on Brick Lane…well it was if you were making an appearance in Nerm & D-Codes video for their hardcore track Fray longside the marvelously named Orfice Vulgatron. (more…)