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mucky halloween

tonight i snub 50 cent

Zed Bias & Jenna G Live tonight :)

Woken up by a phone call this morning from a certain rapper who will remain nameless offering me box seats to his arena gig in town tonight as long i dont perform at Ballin On A Budget, man some people will try anything to sabotage the only place to be this Thursday evening. Mint Lounge with myself & Zed Bias, Fallacy, DRS’s Album Launch and of course the hosts with the most Broke n £nglish all for just £2, in the words of Curtis ‘ if they can’t do it, homie it cant be done…’ Need more inspiration then check these out….


Mr Bang ON got him banged up!!

So allegedly Ghostface is currently playing a packed out private show in Heathrow’s Police Station this evening, or his management have gone all out on the excuse. Manchesters appearance is now cancelled due to his DJ being stopped with illegal contraband on their way into the UK from Paris… To make matters worse when being questioned it came to light Mr Killah himself has a warrant for outstanding child payments in the USA…. WTF it doesn’t make sense that if he owes money they are stopping him making any…also i didn’t realise outstanding CSA payments can stop you travelling internationally?? Thank god i don’t owe money to them, yet another bonus for keeping my legs closed and being a woman! Anyways show must go on this evening and as gutted as i am to not be seeing one of my fav Wu Bangers i am still totally ready to rip up the stage in a dnb stylee longside 12 brass players blowing their horns!! Should be a pretty dope show as well, with all the extra time who knows what can happen!!

SURPRISE! Im live and In Love!

OMG GHOSTFACE IS IN TOWN TODAY!! Mad excited as its gonna be a heavy show down at Moho, only 200 tickets left on the door so if your not already down i suggest you put it in your list of things to do for today… Special guests include ME!! First time with the Riot Jazz boys doing In Love!! I really cant wait for rehearsal tomorrow to hear how the hell this is gonna go down!! So chuffed they asked me to do this, they sound hot as hell live and are safe as houses, if it all goes well no doubt they’ll be more live collabs on the horizon :) Its Wu m*******a, comin thru m*******a!!

Back home!

Just call me Lewis Hamilton from Reading to Manchester in 2.5 hours!!! Missed my house so much and was convinced it had been raped and pillaged whilst i was away creating. Had nightmares all week about some chav theif from the Merseybank estate walking around in my gorgeous MOB dunks!! Thank god nothing of the sort happened, feeling relieved, accomplished, kinda sad, a little nostalgic and a bit lonely but this put a smile on my face!

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Thanks NOTE blogger!

Missing the world of parties in London tonight…maybe im feeling left out, out of what i dont rightly know but still….