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tease me tease me tease me baby!

Ha ha its going off to night in Brighton for the 90′s massive, Chaka Demus and Pliers are at Concorde and me and my sister have been practicing our bogle all week for the front row! I cant believe some people have never heard this song before…for everyone else may the weekend begin with this dancehall (pop) classic ribbed for the wickedest ride ;)

hurt less out today!!

Me and the Brighton Boys on collab number two is out today…Hurt Less has a massive selection of remixes from Hot City, Reso & Riskotheque so go get in where you fit in and cop dat innit!

qemist album preview!

Spirit in The System is the brand new album from The Qemists, YAY its out in August, album preview mini mix mashing it up quite nicely above :)

bunches kicks ass

Hurt Less – The Qemists

THE QEMISTS | MySpace Music Videos

New promo video for Hurt Less by The Qemists ft my Mancunian self went up on Myspace today, love that i knew nothing about it….those guys are always surprising me, they know i love em and this track to death ;) Album ‘Spirit In The system’ is out in August.


Brighton Beach

brighton beach stomach

Last Sunday i woke up in the Cosmopolitain Hotel in Brighton after a lovely end of tour party with The Qemists. Before i left for the north i took an hour to sit an reflect on a crazy summer whilst watching the waves. (more…)

Qemists Live @ Concorde, 11th July

Qemists @ Loop festival

Yes the boys and i are back in their hometown playing tomorrow night at the Loop Festival… (more…)

props4shops – Jell-o, Brighton

Jell-O x Frank Kozik

The window display caught my eye Frank Kozik Clockwork Orange meets Breakfast at Tiffanys, the only colourful thing immediately present within the iron clad front of this small shop on Gardener St. On closer inspection i found Vivienne Westwood Jelly shoes,  Kidrobot trinkets  Alphabets (tempting on top of a dusty speaker) and an intriguing Beethoven/Clockwork Orange bust and this is what drew me inside… (more…)

Summer Tour Dates!

Haven’t been bloggin’ as ferociously as i used to lately and that is kind of down to being so blooming busy with the boys from Brighton! Touring with The Qemists this year has already took me to 5 different countries, playing around 24 gigs in support of their debut album ‘Join The Q’ which is out now! If you haven’t seen us yet there’s plenty of gigs on the way over summer, check out the tour dates in right column on blog. This little video is a snapshot of The Qemists Live so far… (more…)

Talking Twitter = Audio Boo

audio boo

Got an Iphone, addicted to Twitter but getting bored of typing, then this little app is definately for you, still in its early stages but with bags of potential. AudioBoo allows you to record up to 3 mins of audio into your IPhone which then is published on line for the world to listen to! (more…)

Tour Diary – Brighton to Antwerp

Im soooo excited, couldn’t sleep this morning, but then what was the point. Pick up was at 4am and as soon as the splitter arrived I shot-gunned the back seat cot….well I was the only one who hadn’t slept!! (more…)

The Qemists ft Mike Patton

Back down the road i go to Brighton this week for a reunion with the family aka The Qemists. We’re back on tour across Europe from the 18th – 30th of April. Supporting Enter Shikari most of the way but our first two gigs this weekend are solo, on a little warm up flex! We are most definately in a city near you if your in the European ends this April, full details are up on the blog calender, if your in Antwerp or Amsterdam this weekend and wanna rock out check us out at… (more…)

The best sunday lunch?

OMG i dunno if it’s cause i was starvin like Marvin and they gave us extra yorkshire puddings but i honestly think i have just had the best sunday lunch ever! It wasnt  an easy task finding a pub after 7pm in Brighton that serves a roast on Sunday, the best ones have usually sold out and the others finish serving at 3pm (what self respecting raver is up and eating before 3pm on a Sunday?). However by some stroke of genius we ended up at The Coach House on Middle Street, the perfect haven from the blustering seafront wind & rain combo, with a round open fire, a single nut roast and a vegan option for the non Roast Beef eaters :) It was so good i proposed to the chef, by way of the very lovely waiter who promptly told me he was moving to Oz at the end of the month…i think he was lying and it was a blatent cock block! The red cabbage was the bomb and the Yorkshire Puddings were better than my mums but dont tell her that, mmmmmmm the texture, perfectly crunchy round the edges and soft n fluffly elsewhere!! I implore you to visit this place if your in Brighton on a Sunday and in desperate need of a good old roast, cause by my taste buds they do serve the best sunday roast i’ve had in a long time!

I got wasted for charity!

Last night in Brighton after rehearsals I went out for a quiet drink with the lads, which soon turned into a debaucherous mash-up involving alcohol in plastic bottles, girlfriends telling me very interesting facts about their partners, invites to hang out with porn-stars, skein appreciation, Nurishment and youtube amongst other things. It ended with me throwing up in The Qemists sink 15 minutes before rehearsal…luckily it was fluid more than chunder, so no major clean-up needed and also I wasn’t the only casualty so no major embarrassment there (phew!). Even better than all that though was the fact that the pub (The Robin Hood) is a charity pub….which means all its profits after running costs go to charity!! I’ve never heard of anywhere like this before but it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside (even when hurling into sinks) that my alcohol intake is helping someone, somewhere to maybe do something they couldn’t before!!

My first rehearsal with The Qemists….

Down in Brighton last weekend for rehearsals with The Qemists and what a fun two days it was indeed. It was great to finally meet all the lads and rock the f**k out, which by the second day we totally did for a nice and surprisingly tight 40 minutes aka the set minus 2 tunes!! Lost Weekend which features Mike Patton is totally my favourite track of the album at the mo and sounds so sick live… (more…)

Jenna G x The Qemists

A long time ago i wrote a tune with the Brighton dnb collective The Qemists, thanks to a Ninja Tune hook up. Finally their album ‘Join The Q‘ is finished and set for release this year featuring Wiley, Beardyman, Zoe Devlin, Mike Patton and little old me plus some banging beats n bass! First single is gonna be our collab ‘On the run‘, im mad excited as not only is there gonna be a video for the track (you know i loves the camera!!) but i”ll also be starting to rehearse down n Brighton with the Qemists alongside MC ID as part of their live show in a few weeks! After seeing Pendulum tear it up @ Origin in Perth im really keen to see how this live set up will work out. Im learning lyrics etc for all singing parts on the album as i type, its so much fun! Will keep you posted with gig dates which are coming up as soon as February, also theres rumours of a Japan tour in March, all dates will be listed on Events section in sidebar. Check out The Qemists and get ready for some heavyweight live show business!

Jenna Ration G