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so thats what gale was singing

Keeping in theme i thought we’d head to Italy next by way of New Mexico, Albuquerque to be exact. Breaking Bad watchers might recognize this foreign blur of words from Season 3, for the rest of you this will mean nothing. Gale is idly watering his plants whilst singing along to this fun ditty by an Italian vocal quartet from the 1940s just before the chicken man pays him a visit. So wish i could find a clip of Gale actually singing this from the show but there’s nothing on line and i can’t post it myself as Youtube r straight hating on me after the condom film from the other day…still is a fun listen, especially when the high parts kick in and totally foreign as i cant understand a bloody word, roll on Berlin!

Breaking Bad is sick!!

Now when it comes to US dramas series over the past few years I’ve been addicted to them all, and after Heroes took over my life I decided I wasn’t gonna take anything else on but then the writers strike hit and i fell out of love with the TV. Lost doesn’t even register anymore, I ain’t arsed where the f**k Locke went or what the fat bloke isn’t eating, you took way too long with the story telling mate. (more…)