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boys and their toys

I still cant stop laughing at this video…the opening superimposing is genius and for just 85K you too could glide through the water like a shark in your very own Seabreacher. Lmao such a macho name ‘i wish to breach the sea, i need a Seabreacher!’ Boys and their toys eh? Still wouldn’t say no if someone offered me a go, would have to be the yellow one though so, as the Seabreachers number on fan  put it, i could look like an aquatic banana.

dj beef is sooooo funny!


Ok im not taking sides in the inane twitter/facebook beef (lmao) going on between Rusko & Deadmau culminating in this quite graphic picture. I not really interested in who said what or why or whose better etc im just pissing myself laughing at this poster! The artistry of producer beef is somewhat classier to that of mc beef im thinking…im also thinking that this post is sounding like the beef section of a chinese take away menu. Its also highly amusing how not being able to smoke weed backstage has escalated into a fully public diss match not to far form the release of someones new album….ill say no more and watch from the sidelines ;)

1 reason the rain is good

Urban Nerds JUmper

I get to wear my white Urban Nerds jumper, which doesnt really work in winter!

one night in amsterdam

Amsterdam prodigy

Seriously 24 hours wasnt enough, i could happily spend every weekend in this smoked out city. (more…)

Tour Diary Day 6 – Brussels

The Qemists Live!

Rory @ AB, Brussels

So i don’t know how many of you know who Enter Shikari are but we’re on the support slot of their tour round Europe. Last night was our 2nd gig with them, the crowd was amazing and already i am very much enjoying being backstage surrounded by half naked 23 year olds, as i keep twittering!


Male Groupies

Hmmmm do they exist? I mean groupies in the most affectionate way but still, are there men that just want to sleep with women cause they’ve seen them on stage/tv/magazines whatever?


Hanging with boys

Most of my life has been spent hanging out with boys, this is probably due to the fact I’ve been involved in underground music one way or another since I was 14, hanging out in studios and pirate radio stations girls were always the minority… (more…)

Yabamena Baby – Teriyaki Boyz, Pharrel & Busta Rhymes x

Smoking Hot!

Doing my daily round up of my favourite blogs…NOTW went so quickly today…so far the best thing i’ve found comes courtesy of Sar Sars brain (thank you), which is amazing because its protected by the best head of hair xx  New video from the camp of Nigo, Bathing Ape Creater, owner and general DON of everything cool. This tune has the potential to replace Flobots as this weeks SMASHER i.e the one i keep singing ;) cause i get to speak Japanese…or at least try!!

Older Guys…

I keep getting told by friends that i need to stop messing around with young guys and get myself an older man. However the problem is i dont fancy any of them…and when i do their always caught up in some mid life crisis or married with children. On the flip side they never approach me, im guessin its cause i act/look too young?

GCSE – Back to the future!

Not to long ago i took part in a GCSE Non Calculator Higher Level Maths Exam for Radio 1. I must admit at the time it all seemed like a bit of fun, i passed my GCSE Maths at the same level back in high school with flying colours, i thought, it would be a walk in the park.

However when the big day finally rolled around and i turned the paper in the ever so proper exam room, things werent as rosy as i remembered.

Now im dreading the results, the humiliation live on air if i actually do badly…knowing if i’d only revised a little harder, took it more seriously…not thinking that i would have remembered everything from so long ago when maths was all i had to remember! Yeah thats my excuse, its not relevant never has been apart from percentages in shop sales…so heck here goes…im gonna be waking up tomorrow morning just like i did all those years ago…butterflies in my stomach, knowing that this could be making or breaking of the first day of the rest of my life….

As it goes its just a little example as to how much my brain has deteriorated with age…results up later!!