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bored on valentines

Matters of the heart plus corporate enterprise equals sh*t tv so i spent most of the evening finally getting my SCS3 system to work (for all of half an hour) and had a little mix inspired by this swoon fest of a day, I then spent what was left of the evening trying to upload to Soundcloud (whilst writing, chat rouletting and  finding out what a looser some people can be, lol) Blogging while others are bonking…..dont say a word!


Saturday night TV sucks!

Ok im trying to find something to ease me into an early sleep but theres nothing on the TV.  I mean absoloutely nothing….right now im watching James Van Der whatever from Dawsons Creek in a serious film about a Giant Squid?! My other options are more highlights from the Olympics…which i watched all day anyways heavy but overkill, a tribute to Crossroads…hosted by Julian Clary & Fearne Brittain say no more, festival footage from Reading and Leeds (live music is so overated on tv), Sexcetera…im far to horny to watch ugly people be freaky!!

I just want to go sleep with a nice film, interesting doc,  soothing audio…instead im pissed off becase telly is so fucking pants right now. Its Saturday night for god’s sakes, prime TV viewing, no wonder everyone is out binge drinking on the weekends in this country, theres nothing to stay in for  TV SUCKS ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. Heres the piece of poo im watchin disguised as a polished turd of a trailer…

They are now sailing out into the lake to kill the giant squid after it attacked someone on the pier…James has a plan…its so bad….im still watchin, more so cause i cant believe that he wanted to be the lead in this film…Dawsons Creek still gets re-runs right? He must be making change…enough, i would have thought, to say NO to action movies about killer squids. Killer Squids?!?!?! Giant Killer Squids…what the fuck am i watchin…who actually gave this project the green light? The best bit…its classfied as a horror…about a giant killer quid with one eye and its called ‘Eye Of The Beast’


He was a big freak

Betty Davis wasn’t wrong, in fact she was all right. Makes me feel better about everything knowing women like this have lived, so much so im paying homage to Ms Davis all week long, check the next post!

Betty Davis I love You