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save 6music/plastic people/our soul

When i left London & 1Xtra in 2008 i stopped tuning into the station that had been my home for 4 years cause by then i was totally hooked on 6music. Every weekday morning with George Lamb was the best, so funny and always with an amazing selection of tracks old and new, it was on his show that i heard Major Lazer – Pon the Floor for the first time, in fact i believe the track was playlisted on the station long before the obvious followed. I still cant believe George is gone, love whats her face as well, but his show was my second favourite of all time after Russell Brands old BBC2 programme (i still have some podcasts, which i cherish dearly!) my third being Theme Hour with Bob Dylan (which is also no more……), but wait the BBC now wants to take 6music from me altogether?! In the words of Hitler – NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN! What the hell is going on with everyone at the moment? First Plastic People & now this, i dont understand there are so many other BBC services that could be cut instead, as Mr Paxman quite clearly points out in this very amusing video… (more…)

Frighteningly good shows

Driving down to London last night i listened to 2 of the best shows for a Halloween Eve both courtesy of Radio 2. First up was Mark Lemars ‘Shake, Rattle n Roll’ i’ve listened to this before and he plays some wicked  Reggae, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Alternative Sixties tunes, has seasons for the different genres!! Last night was a spooky theme and all the songs contained references to Zombies, black cats, Witches etc. was some really dope stuff and have been getting a little collection together off Limewire thanks to the tracklisting…fav song title ‘Spooksville’,  my fav tunes from the show ‘The Devil hates you’ by Rebecca Lee and ‘The Legend of Sleepy hollow’ by The Monotones, was be bopping and do wap all the way down the M1. Help me though please as i cannot find online to buy, would love to own copies of either of these lil beauties, holler if you can lend a hand, or a link!

Next up was the unmistakable tones of Bob Dylan, WOW this show was fucking heavy with some fun facts about all the tracks he played.  Theme Time Radio Hour is so my kind of radio, i love back stories to tracks learning about the cause and effect is essential and Bob breaks it down like ony he could.  Was of course in the vain of ghouls and ghosts,  Lee Scratch Perry 3 tunes in ‘I put a Spell on you!!’ signed sealed and delivered this show as a classic. I swear if you have quiet night in on the way, i suggest drawing the curtains, dimming the lights and listening back at your leisure…..