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boys and their toys

I still cant stop laughing at this video…the opening superimposing is genius and for just 85K you too could glide through the water like a shark in your very own Seabreacher. Lmao such a macho name ‘i wish to breach the sea, i need a Seabreacher!’ Boys and their toys eh? Still wouldn’t say no if someone offered me a go, would have to be the yellow one though so, as the Seabreachers number on fanĀ  put it, i could look like an aquatic banana.

the eternal fly……

Saw this in the news yeaterday made me smile, Yasuhiro Suzukis’ Zip Boat…the seas like a huge pair of jeans!

Photos from a fun weekend!

Boat Party Heidelberg sign!

Few weekends back i flew over to Germany for the weekend to play at the Feelings Boat Party in Heidelberg… (more…)

Come see me in Germany this weekend!

Heidelberg Boatparty, 22.08.09

Live in or anywhere near Heidelburg, then come along to the Feelings boat party this Saturday night for fun, frolics and of course Drum n Bass with little old me on the MIC..i will not be wearing a bikini top though… (more…)