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hickies on your thigh-e-ighaigh!

Blues in the kitchen continues sister just drew a smasher! Horace Brown get nasty now, chatting me up at 14…anyways thats a  different post. No wonder our Mum was worried about us this is absolute filth ;) Im drawing for H -Town next!

are you in love or lust?

In Love Tee Shirt

Its a simple concept based on a song a lot of you have a special place for, In Love print series is on a sample run right now at Mysoti. Four colors to reflect how your pixelated heart is feeling, i got me a red and purple (pic after the jump) one in the making cause i yoyo between those two emotions constantly…my little trip to south america not helping at all ;)


5yr old sings Folsom Prison Blues!

Wesley Sings Folsom Prison Blues

Meeting new people means seeing new things, the past weekend i definately did alot of the first and today catching up with them all im doin the latter. The fabulous Sera, from Shibuyas Rock Bar posted a lovely video about le weekend featuring 5yr old Wesley singing the Hokey Pokey, adorable…however i then found a host of mini guitar player videos which included little Wesley on guitar singing the Folsom Prison Blues! (more…)

Sanity from Profanity

Hanging out with the amazing Sammy B last night, i swear they broke the mould on this one. She always tells me what’s what when it comes to my Mac, the internet, design trends etc.  Sam put me on to myspace 2 whole years before the UK even took note, same with Facebook, Twitter and now….Cursebird lmao! I swear this little gem is a life saver! Now if your not aware of Twitter you’ll be baffled right now, so lets deal with that first. Twitter is like having a facebook status social networking tool, no pics, no events, no ‘are you sexy’ apps, just constantly updated status’s from people you know or don’t (your choice) on the move across the globe. You can follow other peoples Twitters, view friends etc and comment on what their up to. Honestly this ish is social networking crystal meth you just cant stop, as Lily Allen would say ‘Everybody will be at it’ sooner or later!…check out my Twittering in the side bar perfect for those stalkers (ehem Brian…) wanting to know my every move….moving on from Twitter there is a site of pure genius that feeds off all the Twitters containing swear words, Cursebird is a must for those early morning blues, have the window open on your desktop and feel a small piece of sanity from the constant updates of all types of profanity.