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djs stopped me blogging

Kyrstal Klear @ Eurocultured

If you’ve missed me and my random self centered blogging let me first apologise for my absence it wasnt my fault i blame all the djs mentioned in this post. If you havent missed me then what the hell you reading this for? SHOOO! Anyways got a little hectic after last weeks bank holiday, feels like im still catching up with myself after a week of late nights north and south!


thegiftd keeps me lifted ;)

Checking up on my gurl in NYC by way of her blog as trying to fit in a phone call (or even Skype chat) nowadays is near impossible, came across the Ian Brown video for Stellify which i have to post for all the reasons Sam said…. (more…)

Twitter Blogging

Ok so bloggin has been non exsistent since i got to South America….the technically savy readers of this here blog have been signing up to Twitter via link on left to keep up with whats going with Danny and me outhere. If you havent already i suggest you do the same cause you missed us hanging with Rock God`s, stalking Madonna, house tastic dance offs, me by the pool and much much more! For photos if you know me check the book of fass, else keep and eye on the my Flickr site, link jus above Twitter on the right, ciao for now xox

Yay, Im an unconfirmed report!!

That link in blue on the last paragraph is to my page….tee hee :)

So last week the great no show Ghostface saga was the hot news. Riot Jazz booked him and then him and his DJ go and get themselves arrested at Heathrow. Kind of big news i thought seeing as he’s a Wu member and his new album is out on the 16th, however now where on the internet or in the black music media was this covered apart from on the facebook event page and my blog…. Flattering or obvious then that Nah Right link my blog story to his arrest as an unconfirmed report!! Tee hee, unconfirmed!?!  It makes me sound like a gossip…me an idle gossip……really i never heard such nonsense. the report came straight from the promoter and was then backed up by his agent who i heard from eventually at the end of the week…im a broadcaster not a gossip, i thank you (and Nelliarmous for the contact! ;)

Instant access!


What would I do without my iPhone? Suffer severe withdrawl symptoms from lack of instant access most likely! I need the world in my hand bag, it’s a must that I have the facility to google my way through a pub quiz or win a heated debate in my back pocket. Having every tex message i’ve sent and recieved logged in a iChat convo style is imperitive when u have a brain as sieve like as mine. Being able to instantly reference any YouTube video that pops up in conversation driving at 85mph down the M1, is a work of modern technological wonderment. Apple as per usual I salute you for this, I stand and applaud raucously at the applications available to fill up my screen and travel time! In particular I am in awe that I can now post to my blog on the move thanks to an apple app from WordPress that was free to download! Amazing, however one thing that would make this awesome invention even sweeter, being able to put links in a post. Just a little thought…..

The Youtube Plugin – Geek Out!!

Ok so im not claiming to be any kind of genius on the techincal side of blogging, i owe most of this site to not one but two of those wonderful people in the Best of friends links. However this evening i alone (with a little help from the WordPress plugin page) have got the better of the annoying youtube video settings that would throw off the alignment on my blog! If you’ve had the same problem please let me direct you to this lovely little plugin that turns video posting of any kind into a smooth operation. Much like honey running serenely from one of those little round beehive type looking spoon things they have in honey pots on tv…


We Love You!